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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Awards Granted

Empowering students and teachers

Since 2010, CHSAF has worked to maintain the best learning environment possible for the students of  Columbine High School.   In line with our vision statement, “to provide educational tools to empower teachers, ensure that CHS students meet the rigorous standards set by Jeffco Public Schools, and prepare them for the 21st-century workplace,” Here is a sampling of some of the resources that CHSAF has helped to purchase:

  • Installation of a sound and projector system in the CHS commons installed Fall 2022

  • Professional Development for Educators:

    • AP Summer Institute Professional Development Conferences​

    • International Society for Technology Education Conference

    • Social-Emotional Learning Professional Development opportunities

  • Instruments for Columbine's Adaptive Music class, which serves students with severe special needs

  • Sewing machines for Columbine's Family and Consumer Sciences classroom

  • New equipment for Columbine's Geometry in Construction Program

  • A new sound system for the CHS Instrumental Program

  • Equipment for Columbine's Adaptive PE class, which serves students with severe special needs

  • Upgraded equipment for the Columbine Art Department

  • New and upgraded equipment for the Columbine Video Production classroom

  • Upgrade to the library computers

  • Books for classroom library collections

  • Presentation clickers for Social Studies and English teachers

  • Wacom Intuos Photo Pens and Touch Tablets for the Math department

  • Classroom sets of Graphing Calculators for the Math Department

  • LabQuest Mobile Devices for the Physics department

  • Document Cameras for teachers

  • Google Cardboard Viewers for the Foreign Language Department

  • Apple iPad for the theater department, used to run the sound during all theater productions

  • Apple iPads for the physical education department, allowing students to track physical fitness progress 

  • Teaming up with the theater department booster club to purchase a new sound system for the theater

  • Renovations to the new Counseling classroom, including a new projector

  • A new computer for the Financial Office with a finance-based Operating System

  • Two class sets of scientific calculators for the Math Department

  • SMARTBoard for the Challenge Program Classroom​

  • A school-wide subscription to, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps students become better writers by facilitating personalized feedback.

  • Five iPads for school-wide testing and management

  • Four computers for the photo lab

  • An Apple TV Adapter for the Art Department

  • Classroom white board sets for every math class

  • Five iPads for the Challenge Program classroom.

  • Two cameras for the photo lab

  • Projectors for every classroom at Columbine

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