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Columbine High school academic foundation board of directors

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The Foundation’s Board of Directors make all of the funding decisions.  The Board accepts requests from teachers and department heads and then awards grants based on academic needs, as well as the number of students impacted by the grant.


Board members

Kathryn Truax,  Co-Director and Parent 

Kendra Hale Curry, Co-Director, Parent, Alum

Frank DeAngelis, Retired Principal of Columbine and CHSAF Founder

Scott Christy, Principal of Columbine

Mary Tedford, Community Member and CHSAF Founder

Jeff Garkow, Social Studies Teacher and Alum

Jeremy Hanson, Science Teacher

Karen Jones, CHS Parent and Community Member

Mary Ann Kane, Math Teacher

Melondie Keaney, CHS Parent and Community Member

Tara Levstek Nawrocki, CHS Parent and Community Member

Rae Manzanares, CHS Parent and Office Staff

Chelsey Miller, Math Teacher

Lucas Reeves, CHS Assistant Principal

Jason Webb, English Teacher

Larissa Welsh, English Teacher

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